Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Telekinesis tutorial

I know that a telekinesis tutorial isn’t a very common thing people usually see, mainly because most people don’t believe in telekinesis. You know, these things are done in movies and so then we classify this as something unreal and think that it can’t be true. It is hard for us to believe that these things are actually reality, but they are. I’ve done it, I’ve got friends who’ve done it and those are the main reasons why I believe that telekinesis exists. No, I’m not like those types of characters that Hollywood creates like Matilda or someone from the X-men, the maximum I’ve moved was a psiwheel, but I know some people who can do even more like for example moving a chair or a glass filled with water. And also, don’t expect to learn telekinesis after 5 minutes of practice; this can take you some days or some months (this depends on the person, and also in its attitude). You must be patience. The first time I could move the psiwheel was the second day of my training, but for others it can take months. I once knew a woman who knew to do telekinesis, she could only move little things like buttons or needles and it took her a lot of time to move these things. The maximum she could move was a glass filled with water. Do you want to know how much time it took her to learn this?

She started practicing when she was 14 years old, and she couldn’t move anything until she was 16 (the first thing she moved was a button). She practiced every night, for 2 years! I feel lucky to have learned quickly. How fast you learn also has to do on your confidence, your faith, and in what you believe.

If you really want to learn telekinesis you have to believe, secondly you mustn’t forget that you can also do it, everybody can do it.

The next step is to learn to reach to an alpha state of mind. What is an alpha state of mind? There are 4 different kinds of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta. When you're awake and totally active, your brain waves operate at a level called Beta, when your mind relaxes and disconnects somehow from the external material world (like when you're daydreaming or meditating) you enter a more focused, expanded state of awareness where brain wave patterns are mainly composed of Alpha. Then Theta is when relaxing even more (nearly sleeping) and Delta when you’re deeply sleeping.

When you reach an alpha state of mind is when you are really relaxed, this requires a very good relaxation exercise. Before trying to move the psiwheel I recommend you to do relaxation exercises to reach an alpha state of mind. In my opinion without an alpha state of mind you won’t be able to move the psiwheel.

When your brain waves operate at an alpha level (when you feel really relaxed) then you’ll be able to move the psiwheel.

As I’ve already mentioned in some articles, then you can use the technique which you feel more comfortable with to move the psiwheel, I recommend you to use the technique which I use. Most people who I know that practice telekinesis have chosen that technique and for all of us it has worked, but if you feel more comfortable using another technique so then just use it.

And so, this telekinesis tutorial is finished. I recommend you to take a look to some other articles which are over here in this website; they might be useful if you want to learn telekinesis.


  1. so is telekinesis done using energy or
    just concentration and belief ?

    1. Telekinesis is done when your em field/aura connects with the aura of the object. Then you can basicaly use intention to make the object move how you want it to move.

  2. I can move the psi wheel to a direction with my hands but it's hard for me to move it without and I can't make a pen roll any more helpful tips.

  3. Cathrine please I don't understand your method can u explain further

  4. I accidentally moved a battery and i don't now how i done it my brothers won't believe me that i moved a battery via mind. My technique is believing

  5. i have done it tomorrow for the first time. and i moved a newspaper

  6. After you move an object and you can even move it again instantly ??

  7. please answer my question..!!
    I need to know about telekinesis

  8. do i need to meditate to learn telekinesis