Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to do telekinesis

How to do telekinesis?

I’ve already talked about what you need to know to develop telekinesis (here), now you must learn the technique of how to do telekinesis. This is a very difficult thing to teach since people might use different techniques. You have to choose one of them, the one which you find more effective. I’ve already written about all these different techniques on how to do telekinesis over (here) and (here). They can all be effective, but there’s especially one which I consider more effective than the others, this technique is the one I use.

If you want to do telekinsis and if you’re a beginner I recommend you to use a psiwheel, if you haven’t got one here’s a very simple tutorial about how to build a psiwheel. It is very easy for a psiwheel to move, so you must close your windows and doors before starting so there’s no air current which may confuse you. Psiwheels are a perfect thing to start with when learning how to do telekinesis.

You must find a comfortable chair where to sit and a table where you’ll put the psiwheel. You must clear your mind; the place must be in complete silence. Now I’ll teach you a great technique which I use to concentrate, to relax and to clear my mind. In that moment just think in nothing, get your mind in blank.

First of all your hand palms must be laid in your thigh facing the roof. You must be in a comfortable position. Then inspire a great quantity of air, inspire until your lungs are totally filled with air and retain that air in your lungs for 10 seconds, then expire slowly, very slowly, and while you expire feel like if the air you expire is transformed into energy which is gone to your hands. Do this about 10 times, or more, the more you do it, more relaxed you’ll be and more effective will be this exercise when you do telekinesis. You can do this exercise with your eyes opened or closed; I concentrate more with my eyes closed. When I’ve done it around 10 times I open my eyes, look towards the psiwheel and move it. I just move it, I don’t think of moving it, it’s very weird, I just move it and that’s all. When I do this exercise, the more time it takes, the more energy I feel in my hands and then I kind of transmit that energy to the psiwheel. It’s very weird, because when I do it I really feel a strange sensation in my head, like if something over there starts moving, I also feel as if a second head came out of my real head and pushed the psiwheel. After doing telekinesis I feel weak, not a lot, but I kind of want to sleep and feel like if my strength has gone. It isn’t a strange thing to feel weak after practicing telekinesis, neither it is dangerous, it is very normal. The same happens to some friends of mine, but after some minutes you feel better.

I consider this method the best one since it was the only one which worked for me, but this depends on the person, maybe this same method is worse for someone else, I just wanted to talk about my experience and what method worked for me to do telekinesis.

So, all in all:

1) How to do telekinesis?

- Relaxing

2) How to do telekinesis?

- Concentrating

3) How to do telekinesis?

- Clear your mind.

4) How to do telekinesis?

- Use the method which you find easier to work with.

5) How to do telekinesis?

- Practice.

6) How to do telekinesis?

- Patience

These are the 6 main answers to the main question of this article and the main topic of this website.

If you just don’t understand what I say or mean forgive me please, I’m trying to give you this information with the more details as I can but it is very difficult to give a description about how to do telekinesis, and even more to give a description about what you feel when doing telekinesis, if any doubt, you can contact me and I’ll do everything that I can to solve your doubts.


  1. can we use this telekinesis to move big objects such as fan chair book etc. after good practice

  2. Yes, but it will take lots of practice because the object is very heavy on your brain.

    Good luck :)

  3. for big thing what kind of practice is needed? and how much time it takes?

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  5. I just watch the psi wheels only even don't think about moving psi wheel???