Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Telekinesis tutorial

I know that a telekinesis tutorial isn’t a very common thing people usually see, mainly because most people don’t believe in telekinesis. You know, these things are done in movies and so then we classify this as something unreal and think that it can’t be true. It is hard for us to believe that these things are actually reality, but they are. I’ve done it, I’ve got friends who’ve done it and those are the main reasons why I believe that telekinesis exists. No, I’m not like those types of characters that Hollywood creates like Matilda or someone from the X-men, the maximum I’ve moved was a psiwheel, but I know some people who can do even more like for example moving a chair or a glass filled with water. And also, don’t expect to learn telekinesis after 5 minutes of practice; this can take you some days or some months (this depends on the person, and also in its attitude). You must be patience. The first time I could move the psiwheel was the second day of my training, but for others it can take months. I once knew a woman who knew to do telekinesis, she could only move little things like buttons or needles and it took her a lot of time to move these things. The maximum she could move was a glass filled with water. Do you want to know how much time it took her to learn this?

She started practicing when she was 14 years old, and she couldn’t move anything until she was 16 (the first thing she moved was a button). She practiced every night, for 2 years! I feel lucky to have learned quickly. How fast you learn also has to do on your confidence, your faith, and in what you believe.

If you really want to learn telekinesis you have to believe, secondly you mustn’t forget that you can also do it, everybody can do it.

The next step is to learn to reach to an alpha state of mind. What is an alpha state of mind? There are 4 different kinds of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta. When you're awake and totally active, your brain waves operate at a level called Beta, when your mind relaxes and disconnects somehow from the external material world (like when you're daydreaming or meditating) you enter a more focused, expanded state of awareness where brain wave patterns are mainly composed of Alpha. Then Theta is when relaxing even more (nearly sleeping) and Delta when you’re deeply sleeping.

When you reach an alpha state of mind is when you are really relaxed, this requires a very good relaxation exercise. Before trying to move the psiwheel I recommend you to do relaxation exercises to reach an alpha state of mind. In my opinion without an alpha state of mind you won’t be able to move the psiwheel.

When your brain waves operate at an alpha level (when you feel really relaxed) then you’ll be able to move the psiwheel.

As I’ve already mentioned in some articles, then you can use the technique which you feel more comfortable with to move the psiwheel, I recommend you to use the technique which I use. Most people who I know that practice telekinesis have chosen that technique and for all of us it has worked, but if you feel more comfortable using another technique so then just use it.

And so, this telekinesis tutorial is finished. I recommend you to take a look to some other articles which are over here in this website; they might be useful if you want to learn telekinesis.

Telekinesis test

This telekinesis test is a very simple way to know how good your telekinetic abilities are. From all these sentences count how many are true for you:

• You’re not a nervous person; you give dedication and your time in everything you do.

• You meditate and usually do relaxation exercises.

• You’ve once moved the psiwheel or another object.

• You have moved the psiwheel (or another object) without using your hands (putting your hands near the object).

• You’ve moved the psiwheel (or another object) from the distance.

• You’ve moved something heavier than a psiwheel or a piece of paper.

• You can do telekinesis in public, that is to say that you can do telekinesis when someone else is with you.

• You’re able to levitate an object.

• You see progress as the time goes by. After at least 6 months of practice you find it easier to move the object you were practicing with or/and you’re able to move heavier objects.

• You’re able to move the psiwheel (or any other object) without doing before any relaxation exercise.

If 0 from all these sentences are true for you, it is evident that you haven’t read my tutorials yet, or you haven’t got enough practice.

If 1-5 from all these sentences are true for you, you are following the right path, well done!

If 5-10 from all these sentences are true for you, it is evident that you’ve read all my articles and posts, excellent work!

What is a psiwheel?

What is a psiwheel?

A psiwheel is an object used by people (mostly beginners) to practice telekinesis.

How can I make a psiwheel?

It is very easy to make a psiwheel, just follow these simple steps of this video tutorial:

You must practice to move the above paper (the star shaped paper).

How to move things with your mind

How to move things with your mind? Is this possible?

Believe it or not, the answer to these questions is yes. The ability to move things with your mind is called telekinesis.

What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is the skill of moving an object using only the psychic power, what is to say to move things with your mind. We are all born with this skill, though it is not developed, and it is necessary to develop it with practice and patience, as when we learn to read, to write, to walk, etc. Moving things with your mind is a natural skill, which is becoming very popular and which everybody has, the only thing we have to do is to learn to control and to develop this skill.

How can I develop telekinesis? How to move things with your mind?

Practice is the only way. Practice is the key to succeed in this skill but there are also some other facts to take under consideration. Some of those facts, the ones which I consider that are the most important ones, are confidence, concentration and relaxation. The other factors are the ones which depend on the person and the technique they use, for example the technique of feeling the object (feeling that you are the object or that the object is an expansion of your arm and then just moving it)or the relaxation level(relaxation is a good way to concentrate).

There are other techniques such as imagining that there is a tunnel between you and the object you want to move or just imagining that the wind is the one which makes it move, etc. In this website you’ll find more about these techniques and you’ll get more details about how to move things with your mind.

You must never forget that to move an object with your mind you have to be relaxed, your mind has to be without any thoughts, and you must be able to concentrate in the object you want to move. You have to give a lot of dedication to these practices to develop telekinesis, because it is one of the most important factors. It isn’t easy to learn this skill, it can take years, or just a few minutes for you to learn it. It depends in the skill you use, how often you practice, and also it depends on the person who is practicing it. For some people it is easier to learn telekinesis than others. How to move things with your mind? Here you’ll find the answers.

In this website you will learn with more detail about the best techniques and ways to develop telekinesis, you’ll find loads of useful tutorials about how to move things with your mind containing advices, videos , interesting articles about people’s experiences and more.

How to use telekinesis

How to use telekinesis?

I’ve already talked about how to do telekinesis, how to develop telekinesis, and I’ve written a telekinesis tutorial: all in all, I’ve wrote about how to learn telekinesis. Now I’ll teach you how to use telekinesis:

1. You mustn’t use telekinesis to frighten or hurt other people, although I find it difficult to hurt other people using telekinesis. After reading the telekinesis tutorials I’ve wrote don’t expect to be like one of the X-Men, it is very difficult even just to move a little piece of paper.

2. If you want to learn telekinesis to show it to your friends and look cool, don’t talk to them about telekinesis until you’re able to use telekinesis, I mean, don’t say you’re learning to use telekinesis until you know how to move at least a piece of paper, otherwise they’ll think you’re crazy. I recommend you to not tell even your family about this, I’ve once done it and I’m really penitent.

3. Don’t try to use telekinesis if you’re nervous, you won’t be able to move anything because you really need to be relax to use telekinesis.

4. Don’t try to use telekinesis in a noisy place; you must be concentrated to do it.

5. You won’t be able to use telekinesis if you aren’t patient.

6. You won’t be able to use telekinesis if you don’t practice. You must practice every day at least 10 minutes.

7. You must believe in the existence of telekinesis. In my first tries when I wanted to use telekinesis I wasn’t able to move the psiwheel due to my beliefs. I wasn’t really sure about the existence of telekinesis. Nowadays it is easier to move it since I’m 100% percent telekinesis is a reality, my complete belief in telekinesis was after the first time I moved the psiwheel, how can I doubt about something I’ve experienced by myself? After that day all my beliefs changed, now nothing seems to make sense. I just can’t find the explanation about how can I do it; I would like to know what Isaac Newton would say about this.

These are my recommendation for all those who want to know about how to use telekinesis. I’ve already mentioned over here some points that I’ve already talked about in other articles, but I think they are very important, you mustn’t forget them.

How to do telekinesis

How to do telekinesis?

I’ve already talked about what you need to know to develop telekinesis (here), now you must learn the technique of how to do telekinesis. This is a very difficult thing to teach since people might use different techniques. You have to choose one of them, the one which you find more effective. I’ve already written about all these different techniques on how to do telekinesis over (here) and (here). They can all be effective, but there’s especially one which I consider more effective than the others, this technique is the one I use.

If you want to do telekinsis and if you’re a beginner I recommend you to use a psiwheel, if you haven’t got one here’s a very simple tutorial about how to build a psiwheel. It is very easy for a psiwheel to move, so you must close your windows and doors before starting so there’s no air current which may confuse you. Psiwheels are a perfect thing to start with when learning how to do telekinesis.

You must find a comfortable chair where to sit and a table where you’ll put the psiwheel. You must clear your mind; the place must be in complete silence. Now I’ll teach you a great technique which I use to concentrate, to relax and to clear my mind. In that moment just think in nothing, get your mind in blank.

First of all your hand palms must be laid in your thigh facing the roof. You must be in a comfortable position. Then inspire a great quantity of air, inspire until your lungs are totally filled with air and retain that air in your lungs for 10 seconds, then expire slowly, very slowly, and while you expire feel like if the air you expire is transformed into energy which is gone to your hands. Do this about 10 times, or more, the more you do it, more relaxed you’ll be and more effective will be this exercise when you do telekinesis. You can do this exercise with your eyes opened or closed; I concentrate more with my eyes closed. When I’ve done it around 10 times I open my eyes, look towards the psiwheel and move it. I just move it, I don’t think of moving it, it’s very weird, I just move it and that’s all. When I do this exercise, the more time it takes, the more energy I feel in my hands and then I kind of transmit that energy to the psiwheel. It’s very weird, because when I do it I really feel a strange sensation in my head, like if something over there starts moving, I also feel as if a second head came out of my real head and pushed the psiwheel. After doing telekinesis I feel weak, not a lot, but I kind of want to sleep and feel like if my strength has gone. It isn’t a strange thing to feel weak after practicing telekinesis, neither it is dangerous, it is very normal. The same happens to some friends of mine, but after some minutes you feel better.

I consider this method the best one since it was the only one which worked for me, but this depends on the person, maybe this same method is worse for someone else, I just wanted to talk about my experience and what method worked for me to do telekinesis.

So, all in all:

1) How to do telekinesis?

- Relaxing

2) How to do telekinesis?

- Concentrating

3) How to do telekinesis?

- Clear your mind.

4) How to do telekinesis?

- Use the method which you find easier to work with.

5) How to do telekinesis?

- Practice.

6) How to do telekinesis?

- Patience

These are the 6 main answers to the main question of this article and the main topic of this website.

If you just don’t understand what I say or mean forgive me please, I’m trying to give you this information with the more details as I can but it is very difficult to give a description about how to do telekinesis, and even more to give a description about what you feel when doing telekinesis, if any doubt, you can contact me and I’ll do everything that I can to solve your doubts.

Learn Telekinesis

We could define telekinesis as a capacity which ALL THE HUMAN BEINGS have to move an object with our mind. In this article I will center in telekinesis (basically how it is) and I’ll give you some useful advices for you to learn telekinesis.

First of all, I think this is the most important thing, you must never forget this 3 TRUE fact:

1. Telekinesis exists.

2. Everybody has the necessary potential to learn telekinesis.

3. You can learn it

I know this looks like science fiction, but it is completely reality. Some months ago, I myself doubted of the existence of telekinesis, but my personal experiences have opened up my mind. My recommendation is to read some of the articles I’ve wrote and some posts I’ve made so little by little you assimilate it.

In my opinion, this is the most difficult part when trying to learn telekinesis: If you can mentally prepare yourself and if you work enough, you’ll learn telekinesis.

• The faster way to learn telekinesis is practicing. In the training section (here (training telekinesis)) you’ll find some exercises, but before starting, you should read some warnings:

Very important!!


Before starting with your practices you must understand that to learn telekinesis isn’t an easy task, if you really want to learn telekinesis, you’ll have to make some effort and give to this dedication

• Be constant in your practices, 30 minutes every day it’s a good quantity of time to learn telekinesis.

• A lot of people (the majority), doubt or denies the psychic phenomenon. I’ve tried thousands of times for my family to believe me but they still don’t believe me. Don’t insist in the others to believe in telekinesis, let them believe what they want (if you then obtain a good domination of telekinesis, you’ll see how they’ll then believe you…)

• Practice every day, although you don’t see any progress. One of the most difficult things, apart from believing in the existence of telekinesis, is to be constant.

• You must practice in a place where there’s a lot of silence. A place where neither anything nor anybody can bother you, a place where you can concentrate.

• The time it takes to learn telekinesis can range from the first days of practice to months or even for some it can take years (usually it takes between 6 weeks to 6 months). The time taken to learn telekinesis doesn’t mean that you are more or less endowed to learn telekinesis: for some people in the beginning it is very difficult to connect with the brain section which manages telekinesis.

• Don’t feel stupid when trying to learn telekinesis. There are people who feel stupid when they are sat somewhere with their hands in the table trying to move an object.

• Enjoy your practices, this is very important. You mustn’t be nervous or tense because you can’t move the object you want to move. You must think in this like if it was a game.

I suppose that you now want to learn telekinesis, I mean, how to do it. There are different methods, I’ve talked about my method (here, how to do telekinesis) and I’ve mention very shortly other methods (here, how to move things with your mind). To learn telekinesis I recommend you to start with a very light object, the best object to start with is with a psiwheel, if you don’t know what a psiwheel is please click here.

Here’s one method which I find very good:

1. First of all you must concentrate and be relaxed. I recommend you to do a relaxation exercise before starting.

2. When you are totally relaxed and with your mind cleared of unnecessary thoughts concentrate in the object you want to move. You must feel that object; hear it, smell it, like if it was an extension of your body. You and that object are one, there’s no separation. The object is part of you.

3. In that moment move it!!! DON’T think that you are moving it, you simply move it. JUST MOVE THE OBJECT. You might be thinking that it is very easy to say that you have to movie it, but, it really doesn’t move. What I mean is that you have to move that object like when you move your arm: you don’t think that you’re going to move your arm, you simply move it,

This method seems difficult, and it takes time to do it correctly, but after the first time you learn how to do it correctly, you’ll see that it isn’t that difficult.